Previous trips

From the Danube-cycle way into the big, wide world!
In summer 1996 our first cycle tour took us along the river Danube from Passau to Budapest. It was terribly cold and raining all the time, so we were quite sure never to do such a thing again. But life is life. Nevertheless we did more trips by bike…
in 2000 we went to Norway for 10 days
in 2002 we travelled the USA for 4 weeks
in 2003 to Finland
in 2004 to the Baltic states
in 2006 we went to Australia and spent 4 weeks in Tasmania without being able to
cycle around the entire island
in 2010 we cycled along the west coast of the USA for 3 months and were standing at the Golden Gate Bridge surprised about the trip being over already
in 2012 the “grand tour” for the first time: 1year travelling Australia and New Zealand with the great feeling to have an unlimited amount of time. What a luxury! In November 2013 the trip through Australia and New Zealand came to an end. After one year more or less on the street it was quite hard for us to get used to our old lives again.
Year after year we took longer and longer trips. On each of our tours there were a few days, where we left our comfort zone and nearly went beyond our physical limits. That was never intended but happened by chance. Of cause we didn´t enjoy these situations, but we learned that each time of extreme stress and strain was followed by a period of relaxation. In these easier times we grow beyond the point where we started. Obstacles that are overcome inspire the spirit and strengthen the body, so new challenges are less intimidating.
Right after our first big tour we started planning the next one.