Welcome at slow-cycling

For the past 20 years we have been travelling across the world on our bicycles. Meeting people in 16 countries on three different continents has shaped us.
For us going by bike is the ideal way to travel, because we use our own strength and are faster than on foot but slow enough to notice the small things along the way.
Bike – trips of this length offers a different view on the world. For us it`s not important to see as many sights as possible but the journey itself is the reward.
This blog is meant to be of use everybody who is interested in cycling-tours or to those who are dreaming of doing “the grand tour” themselves. Here our friends and family can see where we currently are. Especially we want to encourage you to make your dreams come true.
At first our ideas and plans seemed to be too ambitions for us to overcome, but over time we grew with our goals.
Nowadays we are excited and impressed by our projects, but also convinced that we are doing the right thing by living our dream.
On 2 wheels through the world.
In May 2016 we will start the part of our tour that will take us through:
Alaska, Canada and the USA. Afterwards we will continue our tour in Autralia. We allow ourselves to spend about 18 months on this adventure.